I’m Done: 11 Reasons Why You Can’t Keep Doing This

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I’m Done: 11 Reasons Why You Can’t Keep Doing This

We are all guilty of doing things that we know are bad for us. Eating too much, drinking alcohol, staying up late and watching TV- the list goes on. We do these things because they feel good in the moment; but when it’s time to pay the piper and you’re lying in bed exhausted or feeling sick from overindulgence, what then? Sometimes quitting cold turkey is not enough. Here are some ideas for how to get through this difficult transition period more effectively:

– Talk to your doctor about what you can do.

– Make a plan for quitting and stick to it, one day at a time.

– Find replacement activities that will keep you occupied during the times when you used to indulge in unhealthy behaviours. For example, instead of watching TV or surfing the internet late into the night, try reading something interesting, meditating or going out with friends who don’t share your bad habits.

It’s not easy but eventually this period passes and I’m happy I made it through because now things are much better! What helped me was… etc., etc..

Do not write numbers or bullet points:

* Write content as if there were no space constraints * The goal is readability and quality

Don’t know how to get started? Think of your favorite blog post and copy all the sentences.

The goal is readability and quality, not word count or bullet points! Don’t worry about getting it perfect – just write what you think will work best with your content. Try to assume that no one else has ever written this article before! For example: “How do I start writing a blog?” becomes “I’m doing research for my new blog!” Write as if there were no space constraints at all (remember that we can break these sections down later). Once you’ve filled in five-ish paragraphs worth of content you’ll have enough material for an intro paragraph, three more body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph.

I’m Done: 11 Reasons Why You Can’t Keep Doing This

i can’t do this anymore

you know those days when you’re just done? i have a few more that i want to share with you.

– it’s time for bed, but the dishes are still in the sink and there are clothes all over my bedroom floor

– i’ve got this great idea but nobody is listening or taking me seriously like they used to

– everyone seems so irritated by everything lately and nothing makes them happy again – not even my favorite things

itty bitty problems can turn into big ones if we don’t take care of them as soon as possible. we need to realize our own worth, and take care of our minds and bodies.

with this list, i hope that it will be a little easier for you to find the strength to walk away from those things that are no longer working for you.

the time is now – let’s make some changes!

– stop trying so hard to please everyone else when your own needs go ignored

– recognize what makes me happy and focus on doing more of these activities every day

– learn how to say “no” instead of feeling like i’m letting someone down whenever i turn them down or ask them not do something with me

– listen first before jumping in with an answer or opinion because maybe they’re just looking for someone who cares enough about their feelings to offer an opinion

– stop letting people’s opinions of me define who i really am

– acknowledge that i don’t have to do everything and anything all at once or in any particular order

– take care of my body by eating healthy foods, being active every day, drinking lots of water, getting quality sleep each night and using sunscreen whenever it is sunny outside

– set aside time for self care – this can be as simple as taking a bath with candles lit or reading a chapter from your favorite book. make sure you’re also doing things like exercising regularly, meditating twice per week, spending some “me” time away from technology and spend more than five minutes on yourself before bedtime. if these are already habits .

– stop apologizing for who i am

– practice being mindful in every day situations, like cooking a meal or brushing my teeth. this can be achieved by recognizing the thoughts that are going on and consciously choosing how to react to them instead of just following the natural instinctual reactions (however unpleasant they may seem)

– take care of myself physically – start with some basic self care tasks: get enough sleep each night, drink lots of water daily, eat healthy foods throughout the day and exercise regularly

– spend more time surrounded by positive people because negative friends will never help me grow as an individual and become better at life’s challenges when i need their support most

– do something new each week that scares me so i can grow in life and be better at taking on the unexpected

– take care of my mental health. this includes learning more about myself – getting to know who i am by checking in with what i think, feel, want, need and value not just what others tell me or expect out of me

– find a therapist that meets the needs for treatment (some prefer group therapy while others like individual sessions)

– stay away from people who are toxic because they will never help bring anything good into my world: if you’re around someone who brings negativity your way then it’s time to say goodbye

– stop lying to myself. instead of telling myself things like “you’ll do better next time” or “just give it one more shot” i need to stop telling myself these lies

– keep my word. learn to say “no” when someone asks me for something that i can’t give, or wants too much from me in general

– be open with the people who matter most: i don’t have to hide anymore because they will never judge me or hurt me like other people might do if they find out about what’s been going on behind my closed doors and why i’ve done some things that may seem irrational at first but make sense once you see it through their eyes

– let go of fear so i’m not held back by worry all the time

– take care of myself physically – exercise helps break down stress hormones,

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