Giving Up on Giving: Unexpected Results of Hope

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Give me hope!” she cried, and her voice echoed. “I don’t want to live without it.”

He thought about his own life, how he had given up on giving years ago in an act of defiance against the god who created him. He saw the pain in her eyes and knew that he could never give up on giving again, not if it meant someone else would suffer like this.

This blog post is all about unexpected results of hope: what you might expect when you give up on giving, how you can find hope even when there seems to be none left for you or others around you – whether that means taking steps towards a more hopeful future or finding peace with your present situation – because we don’t know what the future holds.

Starts right off with a compelling statement, and I can’t help but be hooked.

don’t do that don’t give me hope

Once you’ve been given up on by almost everyone in your life, what is there to hope for?” – Michael Jordan’s book “I Never Had It Made.” The quote holds true not just in sports or the spotlight, but also as someone who has experienced depression. They might feel like they have no one left to turn to; their friends are gone and family members seem apathetic about their mental health. Friendships end when someone finds out how unstable a person really is through unannounced panic attacks or constant arguments over trivial things. For many people experiencing depression it feels impossible to make new friends, or even to be liked by the ones they have.

It’s their fault they’re like this; there is something wrong with them and no one will ever want them because of it. They might see themselves as a bad person who deserves to suffer for all eternity in mental anguish, while everyone else moves on without them. It could seem so hopeless at times that nothing can change their mind from thinking these thoughts – until someone takes an interest in what makes them happy and tries to understand where the pain comes from.

This person doesn’t need your pity or concern because everything has always been harder for

them and they don’t need the extra pressure of being reminded. They might not appreciate that you are trying to do something good for them, or maybe even feel resentful because it feels like people only want to be kind after seeing how broken they are; when in reality there is a lot more than meets the eye.

No one knows what this person has been through or understand why some days just seem impossible to get through with grace. But someone finally does care enough about this individual’s well-being to show up every time without fail – which can make all the difference in their life if they deserve happiness at all.

The truth is that hope can come in many forms, and it’s not always the salvation we might be looking for. Maybe they don’t need to feel hopeful because of how far they have already come or maybe what you’re offering isn’t actually enough; but someone who has found a way to make peace with life understands that hope comes from somewhere deep inside them so there’s no point in trying to give it away – if only because giving up on yourself never leads anywhere good.

Someone could say this person has surrendered their fate by quitting, but I believe all anyone ever really surrenders when they decide to stop fighting are things like regret, guilt and shame while gaining a sense of peace all their own. We are always the ones who have to give up on giving up – or at least, we can choose not to and then hope for a different result.

The truth is many people will spend an entire lifetime trying desperately to find something they’re passionate about before finally realizing it’s within themselves instead; others may try one thing after another but never feel like what they’ve found is worth sticking with long enough and so end up living half lives where there was once potential. The most important part of any journey comes when you decide which path feels right in your bones: even if someone else has already taken that road before you did. If this sounds like you, then don’t do that don’t give me hope.

The next time someone asks if you’re fulfilled by your work (or anything else in life), just answer honestly and say no – because who knows what could happen after? If not now, maybe later; or perhaps never at all. And even if it feels impossible to keep going today, tomorrow is a new day and there are always other paths ahead of us which may lead to something better than we can imagine right now. Sometimes giving up on some things means opening ourselves up for more.”

There are always other paths ahead of us which may lead to something better than we can imagine right now.” Sometimes giving up on some things means opening ourselves up for more.” And while this all may sound a little pessimistic it really is just the truth of what it means to live in an uncertain world – but also one with infinite possibilities for new beginnings.” “So while I’m feeling pretty hopeless about the state of discouraged about my work right now, there’s still hope that tomorrow could be better if I don’t give up.” And while this all may sound a little pessimistic it really is just the truth of what it means to live

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