7 Dumb Mistakes That’ll Tank Your Cowboy Names Business

Your Cowboy Names

Mistake # – Putting a Phone Number in Your Copy: I’m not sure why you would think this was a good idea, but it’ll make your copy look more spammy than anything. Not to mention the fact that Google will penalize you for having so many links on one page. There are plenty of other ways to give people an easy way to contact you without going through all that effort.

The first word is “mistakes” which should be pluralized as “mistakes.” The second sentence has two errors with punctuation- there needs to be two commas after the word ‘copy’ and before the phrase ‘Not to mention.’ Lastly, it’s spelled “penalizes,” not “penn

Mistake # __: Not taking the name and branding seriously enough.

You have to be a little bit of a cowboy in order to make this work! You can’t just take any old word you find online and slap it on your business card or website without thinking about how it will look, whether people will understand what you are trying to do with that name, etc. You have to think through the implications of having such an unusual company name for yourself before going forward with anything else because if you don’t know where you’re headed when naming your company then chances are very good that nobody who matters will either. It’s not enough just to come up with something cool-sounding; there is much more at stake here than just marketing yourself. You are creating a company and it needs to have an identity from the very beginning–you need to know what your business is about, who you want as customers, why they will be attracted to what you’re doing versus any of the other companies in this industry or those that might serve their interests better.

The most important thing here is not coming up with some great name for your company; it’s deciding how best to express these things through naming so that over time people feel like they “get” what your business does and why they should care about supporting you by being one of your clients. The branding process has much more at stake than whether or not potential employees say “cool” when they hear the names you’ve come up with.

If you’re looking for a company that can help you develop branding, please contact us and we’ll tell you more about how to get started!

The cowboy names business has many pitfalls–dumb mistakes that will ultimately lead to the demise of your company before it’s even had a chance to become successful. You need avoid these missteps by staying clear-headed on what is important from the very beginning and why. Some might think coming up with a cool name for their brand is the most important part when really they should be concentrating on communicating what they do in such a way as to make potential customers feel like “getting” them would mean supporting them at all costs. This naming process must create an emotional connection with the customer, because it is emotional perception that will keep them coming back for more.

To solve this problem and avoid these mistakes, we recommend you consult a branding professional to help develop your company’s name and logo. In order to get started please contact us! We’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to market your cowboy names business in such a way as make customers feel like they have an investment in what you’re doing from day one of its creation–and hopefully beyond. For now though, here are seven common pitfalls:

*Mistake #) Don’t pay attention to where your target audience spends their time (too much on Facebook? Then probably don’t use Instagram!)

*Mistake #) Don’t think about how your customer might feel when they hear the name of your company

*Mistake #) Try to be different, not better (you are a cowboy names business after all!)

*Mistake #) Focus on “selling” instead of connecting with people! Your customers will never know you care if you don’t let them in.

*Mistake #) Make up words or use too many acronyms–this is for branding experts only. You’re just making it harder for yourself and confusing potential clients who are trying hard to understand what kind of service you offer. And finally..

Be clear about costs and expectations from day one: this saves time wasted by both parties.

Know your own business, and don’t try to be someone you’re not! (so for example if you have an alliterative name like “Cowboy Names Cowboy”–you may just want to stick with that!)

Don’t take anything personally.

*Mistake #) Stay behind your desk and never meet with clients face to face–you’ll lose out on invaluable opportunities for that human connection! And finally,

Crazy enough, these are just a few of the mistakes you can avoid if you’re not careful! So be sure to read “Cowboy Names Cowboy” before you go any further in the cowboy naming business world 🙂 (just kidding!) But seriously – make sure to follow these tips if you want it all..cowboy names success!!

*mistake #) Make up words or use too many words–cowboys are simple people and they’ll get confused by long words.

*Mistake #) Forget to, or not know how to be personable with the client –you need that human connection for them to trust you!

The Cowboy Names Cowboy is a cowboy names company based out of Austin Texas specializing in branding solutions for small businesses looking for original high-quality unique name ideas. We have over 20 years experience naming brands like Hobo Juice (yep!), Big Tex Canning Company, Dust Bowl Brewing Co., and more! For affordable rates starting at just $295/year we will create on average up to 50 new brand name concepts every year – so it’s easy enough no matter what your budget may be

Mistake Number One:

You’ve neglected to do your research! You can’t just start a company and hope it does well. Know what is hot in the cowboy world before you sink time and money into something that won’t be profitable. For example, steer clear of companies like “Buckaroosis Cowboys Incorporated, LLC” or “Cowboys-R-Us.” Steer clear of cutesy names with cattle brands as they are cliché among this crowd. After all, these people know their Western wear better than anyone else; don’t insult them by giving them an option for cheap looking items when there’s plenty out there already on the market. Here are three great examples from

Mistake # : you don’t have a business plan.

A Business Plan is an outline of the goals and strategies that your company will use to accomplish its mission, and it can also serve as a road map for implementing those plans. The key features of this document are objectives, resources required, implementation schedules and financial forecasts (including possible sources). A well-written business plan helps to clarify priorities so that there is less confusion among companies trying to do multiple things at once – which in many cases results in slow progress or not accomplishing anything at all. It can be difficult to write one on your own without prior experience; but with guidance from experts such as Greg Bradsher PhD., MBA (Success Mistake # __: The first sentence of the long-form content. The second sentence. And so on.. ** ** ** ** ** ** * ** ** ** * * * ** ** ** * ** /* */ /**/ /**/ // // ** ** –/**/==/*==>==,/>”>,/>||,,’||)’||’, ||}}]], >>[[]][[]]”,’ ‘,”))_)__),–(__(_((_)(_(()’-(‘}))`-‘

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