5 Reasons Why You Are A Rookie In E-liquid.


So, what do I mean by “you are a rookie”? I’m not talking about your level of experience in vaping or even e-liquid. I’m talking about the way you handle yourself and your general attitude. If you’ve been a vaper for any length of time, you’re probably familiar with the term “vaping etiquette.” Vaping etiquette, also known as common courtesy when it comes to vaping in public, is all about how we use our devices. We need to be considerate to other people around us and take some basic safety precautions when using a vaporizer.

It’s the same thing with e-liquid. We need to be familiar with some e-liquid safety tips and basic knowledge about e-liquid so that we can avoid making a rookie mistake in public when it comes to vaping juice, especially when we are new to the whole industry. So, what is a “rookie” e-liquid mistake?

The most common rookie mistake is not paying attention to your device and not using the right equipment. This might seem like a bit of an obvious warning, but even experienced vapers make this rookie blunder every now and then. We get so focused on what we’re doing that we forget to set everything up the right way or don’t pay attention to how our setup is working.

For example, your atomizer might have a little crack in it that you don’t know about, but every time you use your tank, you can end up burning your juice and giving off a nasty taste and smell when vaping. Another common rookie mistake is not keeping track of the battery life on your vaporizer. It’s important to keep track of how long you’ve used your device even if it’s an automatic battery. A lot of vapers turn their vaporizer off by accident all the time.

Also, if you notice a weakness on your atomizer, it’s important to stop using that part of the setup and go fix it so that you don’t burn up your juice. It’s also common for experienced vapers to be too casual when vaping in public. We can get so used to what we’re vaping that we forget about E-liquid safety when we are in public.

Here are some tips for staying safe and informed when vaping in public:

1. Mentally prepare yourself.

You need to know that vaping in public can be uncomfortable for some people. When you’re out and about, you’re going to run into people who don’t like the scent and taste of vapor. You’ll probably also run across someone who thinks e-liquid is just as dangerous as nicotine. If you get flustered, it’s easy to make a rookie mistake so stay calm and remember these tips.

2. Keep your e-liquid in its packaging securely closed when vaping in public.

People don’t like to smell or taste e-liquid vapor in public. It’s best not to let the vapor leak out of your tank and into the atmosphere. You can use your device without leakage by making sure it is closed tightly, but it’s always best to have a few e-liquid bottles on hand so that you don’t have to stop vaping if you run out of juice. Having extra e-liquid with you when you’re vaping will help you avoid using a device that is leaking or one that has mixed flavors.

3. Have the right tools for vaping in public.

Just like when you’re cooking, the right tools will make it a lot easier for you to vape in public safely and easily. You need to have a device that has been designed with safety in mind. It’s also important to have a tank on hand that is designed with safety in mind as well. Most tanks can be used while charging but might not be good enough for vaping when they are fully charged. The best way to know if your e-liquid is safe enough to use is if it doesn’t change color or taste bad after being cooked. Doing these things will also allow you to have the utmost confidence that your vapor is free of hazards like diacetyl and acetaldehyde.

4. Pay attention to the details when vaping in public.

When you’re vaping in public, it’s best to stay away from settings that produce a lot of vapor. Those who don’t know about vaping might get offended or even scared when they see us putting these large clouds of vapor into the air. Vape hubs should be set to lower temperatures and in an open space like an outside patio or near a window so there’s enough air flow. To those who don’t understand, this is an excellent way to avoid getting noticed when you’re vaping in public and allow you to take advantage of your e-cigarette without drawing unwanted attention from non-vaper or vapers alike.

5. Know your audience before vaping in public.

Have you ever been reading a book or taking a walk and someone starts talking to you from behind? I think we all have. Everyone has their earphones in today, so it’s always safest to assume that everyone is deaf instead of assuming they want to talk. Vaping in public is the same way. Before lighting up, always look around and make sure that no one is around to bother. It’s not rude, it’s respectful and a good habit to get into. If you can see someone approaching, just put the e-cig away until they pass by. There are plenty of places where vaping is allowed such as vape shops and vapor bars.

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