15 Mood-Boosting Benefits of L Names

15 Mood-Boosting Benefits of L Names

We all have those days where we just can’t seem to get out of bed. We’re in a rut, and there’s no motivation to do anything productive. It feels like our life is stagnant and nothing will ever change that. But the truth is, you have so much more potential than you think! One way to start seeing changes in your mood is by changing your name. Choose an L name for a boost in energy levels (and a whole lot more)!

Lily, Lola, Leona. These names are all short and sweet but pack a lot of punch! They’ll make you feel like the freest person on earth.

Lynsey is an old Scottish name that means White Stone or Shining Light. This one will challenge your creative side as well as push you to stay true to yourself no matter what anyone says.

“Lou” is not just for boys anymore – this is perfect if you want something with strength behind it without being too intimidating. Lou can also mean leader in French which will give your mood some extra oomph when times get tough (especially since leaders need to be strong).

“Lucy” has always been seen as a lucky name, but it can also be seen as the perfect name for a star-gazer. Lucy is French meaning Light and you’ll never feel closer to your dreams than with this one!

“Lola” has been seen as both wise and mischievous depending on how people see her (you). She’s an all-around good mood booster because at least she won’t bore you – even if she does make mistakes from time to time.

“Leona”, the Lioness of Judah, will give you strength when times get tough. This woman was strong in mind, body, heart, and spirit so why shouldn’t we take some lessons from that? You’re going to love yourself more than ever before with Leona at your side.

“Lana” is a Latina name meaning Graceful, so it’s perfect for the woman who likes to be elegant and graceful! And she was also Superman’s girlfriend in an old television show – what could be better than that?

“Lisa” has been seen as pure-hearted by many throughout history. She may not always have all of her ducks in a row but Lisa will always make you feel loved and appreciated. Even if she sometimes wants to spread herself too thin, that just means more attention for you!

Mood Boosting Benefits:

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