12 Crazy Random Facts about the World

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This blog post will share 12 facts about the world that are crazy and random. From the most used language in the world to bizarre laws, these facts are sure to surprise you! Do you know what animal is a marsupial? How many people live in China? What do they call Daylight Savings Time around the world? The answers are not what you would expect!

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Here are 12 crazy random facts about the world:

The largest pizza commercially available is in Detroit, Michigan and weighs 186 pounds.

There are more dogs than cats living as pets worldwide. (Source)

The energy required to produce food for one person for one year can be met by planting half an acre of soybeans or three acres of wheat. That’s less land needed than if people were only eating beef from cows that never enter feedlots, which require farmed pastureland plus grain production on top of it all! (Source)

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A single tree can absorb a ton of CO² per year (Source)

In 2014, the world’s population reached seven billion.

It is estimated that there are more than 500 trillion bacterial cells on your body right now. (Source to reference this stat)

Earth has three times as many trees today then it did in 1920 – and they’re all disappearing at alarming rates due to deforestation. (source)

There are 40 million new cases of AIDS each year worldwide which results in approximately 25% of people living with the virus dying from HIV/AIDS related illnesses annually. (Source)

The largest pizza commercially available is 186 pounds! I think if you want something larger than that, you should make it yourself.

When I think of the word “snow,” I immediately know what it means even though in reality there are many different words that have snow as part of their name (e.g., avalanche, blizzard).

There are more than one trillion wild animals on Earth today! That’s a LOT of animals to love and protect – yet less than 200 years ago humans hunted most populations to extinction for food and fur. (Source)

The world population is currently over seven billion people with an average life expectancy at birth of around 70 or so years while the current U.S. population reaches 325 million people with an average lifespan just shy of 80 years old.(source)

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